Making Internet Report Admissible Evidence

Apr 20, 2020
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Without going into much detail, I need to present evidence in affidavit format to convince the court to have a hearing on whether an invoice legally presented to the court for reimbursement from an estate is actually valid or a fabrication. It is claimed that the original invoice was dated and issued in 2012 for services claimed to have been performed then. I (We) know this to be false, but so far lack the ability to prove this directly. All we were able to get through discovery was a certified copy of the invoice stating that it is "A True Exact Image (copy) of the Original", and bearing the recent date of the certification in 2018, and the original invoice (which was copied) still showing its date to be in 2012. All we were able to do in our quest to disprove this invoice was discover an overlooked fact where the website and domain name printed on the invoice were not in existence in 2012. The domain name was purchased or leased in 2015, and the website was not built until 2017. I was able to purchase an official report from a well known website (name omitted for now) which maintains a database of the history of all domain names worldwide. The information was verified with two other websites which provide the same service but to a lesser degree of details. The problem I have is how to make this report admissible. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on a website which had an expert testimony service available whereby they would issue an affidavit detailing the history of a domain, and were willing to travel to testify if the need arises. I could not find that website again, and attempts to get help from the current website have not been successful. They are in California, and ask you to leave messages over the phone. The website claims they are not currently reporting to the office because of a mandated current Covid 'shelter at home' requirement in certain areas in CA. Any ideas how to get this type of evidence admissible? Thanks.

I haven't received any comments... it seems I am asking for something impossible... Well can someone then please tell me what type of Expert witness would I need to work with in order to get me on the right track to be able to convert internet information into evidence? I am surprised with all the information available on the internet, no one has had the need to use it as evidence for something. I would really appreciate all comments. Thanks.