Intentional State ID Tampering to Misidentify in Florida

Apr 20, 2022
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New Post. I have been targeted by Local Authority in the State of Florida as an imposter of myself. As a result, I am targeted by random strangers, police, sheriffs, and permanently un-employed for one year. I am high degreed. Could not understand what had been done to me but it is in the Identity of the State Local government of Florida.

I attempted to confirm the Social Security on my Driver`s License and was told I was restricted and only Law Officers could review or the FDLE or employers as this information is protected from ME and no longer belongs to me but to the State of Florida by a agent representative of the Local Escambia and Highlands County Tax Collector and Drivers License State of Florida Division of Public Safety.

As of April 2022, I asked for my Driver`s License certified history and looked myself up on the Public site as this site reports from all federal, state, court systems on the public and public enemies.

I found sixteen felony counts with arrest and reported incarcerations on ID history falsely reported by law enforcement on my State Driver`s License. All from around the Nation and many from younger, older, multiple races, states I never visited or lived in.

I have a Common Name and came to Florida a successful professional in 2009 but their internal tipster system Targeted my name as that of another who committed crimes in my profession and a covert investigation ensued to my demise and that of my career and that of my livelihood and that of my health and that of my family health. Please tell me how this is a legal, just system of citizen protection. This is a vigilante, unified army of inspired gang tactics of law enforcement gone astray and confirmed by the added efforts of the State District Attorney`s Offices and DHS. This group targeted me and shed suspicion on me covertly for such a time and across state line so that at least two jobs ended in dismissal of employ with extreme prejudice and without any due process or court process. No reason for dismissal.

This constitutes public defamation of character, group social media gang attacks with injury to physical, psychological, and financial health explainable only by the script famously portrayed by Nicole Kidman, titled; "Dogville". What is wrong with all these people? I did contact the FBI Local offices in Florida who have been aware and watching the spectacle. I have also been turned down for assist by famous MORGAN and MORGAN twice, among many other famous law groups and public defender`s offices as I believe I have been promptly without due process labeled a PUBLIC Enemy who is impersonating myself.

I am at an age that this will and is leaving me destitute as efforts have all but destroyed my collective resources to live or retire. I am a 14 year cancer survivor of breast cancer yet, but my health has suffered and I am denied all health care until I clear my identity. False witnesses are "a plenty" contaminated by investigators who are high degreed in public health, and allowed to make statements that take precedence over all my official identifying documents. All words now have more meaning than material evidence. I have been denied FOIA by Homeland Security and DHS who point a finger at the Florida District Attorney`s Office of Florida of whom I contacted and referred me back to Rural Florida Public Defender Aid who gained data from me and told me my State and US Citizenship Identity is not a concern or function of their offices or a United States Civil Concern by any legal Federal attorney. I early on contacted my representatives, presidents in office, attorney general of the US, and local representatives all gave me a cold shoulder of silence.

There has been much more done to me without due process and likely may be the real meat of the posed problem of the state to defame, stalk, and frame me as this is what catches them a criminal to be, framing and cooperation of all corporate groups. All should be frightened by these unfair processes used on the public in Florida and nationally which appears to be able to reach across state line with ease and ignore all human and civil rights based on a tipster. How simple, Simon.

My Driver`s License History was wiped and contaminated so that Florida states my origin of Driver`s License History came from Florida in 2019 and a ID State Card in 2006 while I held a Maryland Driver`s License in effect. I admitted to this in 2009 at the Panama City Beach Sheriff`s Office when I got my original State of Florida Driver`s License. In 2019 I moved back to Florida where I kept a home for my elderly mother and got a star on my Drivers License as I took a birth certificate with me for this star which allowed me to register my prints for a State Professional License to work with People of all ages with impunity of a cleared background check. In April of 2021 my Driver`s License History and data was changed by a local state Driver`s License office I visited for assist.

I am excluded as a Citizen of the United States Constitution as I am not one of the entitled as named to privilege to investigate by discrimination and my membership for years to professional career all shy away from me. Therefore, I cannot have any legal standing to expect due process.

Still I am determined to shed light on all this abuse of power and authority and yes, the news media local or nationally including Fox Friends have ignored me.

If anyone has any courage out there to stand up for what is right and Godly, then contact me on any real suggestions. This is the reality of our US Justice System largely ignored now or selective for only those deemed worthy by wealth or power to experience due processes of US constitutional law. The rest of us to be unduly labeled terrorist or Public Enemies by what? Corruption, ineptitude, need to invent results to substantiate budget spending of a public defenders office? Yes, maybe that simple, Simon.