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Aug 12, 2021
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Forum Rules

All members are to respect the thoughts, opinions, and the right to forum use of all other members. Any personal discrepancies between members should either be dealt with outside of the site, or through site staff.

No Spamming. This Includes:

  • When posting a response to a thread, it must add to the overall discussion value of the thread.
  • Posts which do not adhere to the boundaries of the thread posted in.
  • Flame Posts
If you spot a spam post, please report it by clicking the [ Report ] button which appears in the bottom left of every post. However, please do not post that you reported the thread in the actual thread as it more than doubles the amount of work the moderators have to do.

No Advertising
You cannot post advertisements of any sort in any forum. This includes products, services or websites that you would directly or indirectly benefit from in any way.

Exceptions to this rule (may be objected to which is at the discretion of the moderators):

  • Signatures - If you are posting good, useful posts then you may include your own website in the signature of your message. Obvious exceptions to this are porn sites, hate sites etc..
  • Unaffiliated Announcements - If you spot a great deal on a site, post it in the "Computer Deals" forum. You may only do this if you are completely unaffiliated with that deal.

Any tricks to circumvent this (such as getting a friend to advertise for you in order to bypass the "unaffiliated" rule) will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderators.

No Obscenities or any other Inappropriate Behavior
This includes discrimination against someone for their sexual, religious, racial, or ethnic characteristics. Actions such as these will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

Be Helpful, Be Nice, Be Respectful
Be helpful, nice or at least respectful, or don't comment at all.
For example:

  • If you know someone is wrong, be helpful and point them to a correct source.
  • If someone doesn't know something, either help them directly, or help them help themselves by pointing them to an appropriate source. This could be a link to another thread, telling them what to search for on Google or even our "How to ask good questions" post. There are always going to be people with less knowledge than yourself. We all had to start somewhere and if no-one asked questions then not much would happen on this forum. Of course, these forums are still only for existing or soon-to-be computer technicians, if you feel someone is an end user, simply report them with the report button that is on every post and don't respond to it.
  • Some people will have a differing opinion to yours. It may not be provable one way or another, so please respect their right to their opinion.
We aim to keep the mood here as everyone is learning and being helpful. We don't lift ourselves up by pushing others down. If we feel someone is being deliberately nasty, action may be taken in the form of an infraction or a banning. This is done at an Administrator or Moderators discretion.
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