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    What is the Value of a Life Estate

    I highly doubt that a life estate could be valued at 60% of the value of the house.
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    Employee Rights to Associate Outside of Work

    The US Constitution with freedom of association doesn't factor into the situation at all? Its a bit scary if employers can get away with regulating their employees personal lives.
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    Delegation of Visitation by a Parent to the Grandparents

    There is a fine line between obeying the court order and allowing grandparents to get back door grandparent visitation when the law would not give that to them. There is a difference between them sharing dad's time and exercising dad's time. If dad wants to pick them up and deliver them to the...
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    Trust Situs/Tax Location

    I am researching something and am having trouble finding a plain language answer. If any of the other tax pros here happen to know the answer of the top of their head, I would appreciate it. Otherwise please do not feel that you need to research anything. Deceased is from state A, trust was...
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    Why You Shouldn't Use Self-Check-Out Lanes in Stores

    Once again, I am going to give the same advice that I often give in these situations....STOP using the self checkout ANY store. The potential for mistakes exists and stores, instead of giving people the option to correct their mistakes make a whole lot more money on civil demands...
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    Tax-Free ABLE Accounts And for those who passed last night.
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    IRS Scam

    As many of you may be aware, there is a serious telephone scam going on where people are being called by alleged IRS agents threatening them with fraud charges and jail if they do not immediately give debit card information to pay tax that they owe. I am particularly concerned about elderly...
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    Clueless Federal Government

    This applies to all states I do not think that the congress or the executive office has the slightest clue just how much damage they have done to low income taxpayers. The first problem, which of course is the fault of the taxpayers, is that they have overspent on Christmas and expect the make...
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    Pulled Over by Officer who Wanted to Say "Hi"

    This was 30 years ago so its merely a matter of curiousity. My sister met a cop in a bar one night. They got to talking and became friends. Not boyfriend/girlfriend but friends, although the cop was somewhat interested in more than friends, but never pushed it. However they talked alot about...