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    Elder Law

    I agree with this advice. It really is the only viable alternative if you cannot show up in person with the police and an ambulance.
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    Abuse of Power

    It is perfectly legal.
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    Resume Company with Money Back Guarantee Refusing Refund

    Realistically? Maybe. However the bottom line is that your odds of collecting anything are slim to none.
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    Pregnant Wife Trying to Leave State

    You won't get good advice here unless you are up front about things, and so far you aren't up front a bit. The details honestly matter. I also think that you do not understand the realities of pregnancy. Get a consult with a local attorney and be prepared to be totally honest.
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    Pregnant Wife Trying to Leave State

    The reality of things is that your wife really is in the most irrational, hormonal stage of pregnancy and it is foolish for you to be negotiating with her at all at this point. You should be agreeing to whatever makes her comfortable at this point. You flat out admit that your brother was a...
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    So I Started Working for a Holding Sign Company As an Independent Contractor

    Yes, you will have to pay taxes on your profits. You are considered to be self employed and will also have to pay self employment taxes on your profits. You need to keep track of all of your expenses, by category. Generally, it is more to your advantage to keep track of your miles, rather than gas.
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    Utility Easement

    So, this property has a double problem. A fenced off right of way that clearly that property owner will fight you over, plus an iffy utility easement. I would be walking away from that property myself.
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    Utility Easement

    you could consider making it clear to the sellers that you are going to walk away unless they prove that there is a utility easement.
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    Am I Required to Take Deductions

    I have been a tax professional for more than 30 years. I will say again, that I cannot imagine a scenario where not taking a deduction would result in you owing less tax.
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    Am I Required to Take Deductions

    He can certainly see what happens if he itemizes instead of taking the Standard Deduction. However, if he doesn't take the QBI he ups his self employment tax so not taking that would certainly not be to his benefit.
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    Parents Separated for 20+ Years

    If they stay married, your mother will basically get her SS Benefits bumped up to what his was before he died if his benefits are higher. If they are divorced, she would only be able to get a benefit of 50% of what his benefit was. So unless her current benefit is less than 50% of his current...
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    Am I Required to Take Deductions

    I agree, but I am having trouble picturing a scenario where below the cutoff for an income range would result in more tax owed than above the cutoff for an income range...unless somehow AMT is involved...and even then, AMT would not normally do that.
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    Pa - 3 Voters Want to Petition a Recount

    Besides what AJ said, an attorney can also help you determine if what you and these 2 other voters witnessed was actually voter fraud.
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    What Constitutes Contact Through Another Person on a Protective Order in Idaho

    Yes, what he is doing is a violation of the restraining order. You can report him to the police.
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    Vehicle Held As Collateral

    What kind of written communication? You don't want to risk being accused of car theft. Also, how much money are we talking about?
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    Original Executor Removed, Unable to Communicate with New Executor. a Giant Mess

    Let the new executor know that you have the car and now understand that it belongs to the estate. Ask him what he wants to do to retrieve the car.
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    What Laws Might Have Been Broken by the "Trump Train" in Texas

    I think that you are missing some of the story. Video shot by a Trump supporter showed a caravan of vehicles with Trump flags surrounding a Biden campaign bus, at one point slowing it down to 20 miles per hour on an interstate highway. Per the narrator of the video they were "escorting" the...
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    Going About Custody

    First, just because he was given custody of your son some years ago doesn't mean that you could not file for custody based on the status quo of you all living together as a family. The same applies to your daughter as well. Just because you technically have custody of her doesn't mean that the...
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    Family Settlement Agreement Sample Form to Settle an Estate in Pa

    Please don't try the link. Its a commercial site that seems a bit dodgy.
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    Family Settlement Agreement Sample Form to Settle an Estate in Pa